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My dear bride and groom!

It's YOUR wedding, you're going to celebrate a UNIQUE moment and you want a MOVING memory. Anyway, you want something that LOOKS LIKE you, and without forgetting YOUR CLOSE RELATION.

My name is Alexandre Bré and I am a French photographer and a filmmaker.

I worked in advertising for a long time to know that A MOVING MOVIE is a film where REAL FEELINGS take precedence over pose. My goal is therefore to prepare an ARTISTIC, TRUE AND FUNNY film/ photo report through a DOCUMENTARY approach.

For this reason, I will come without preconceived idea and I will take the photos and the videos of your ceremony discreetly to capture the moment as natural they are.


5178 - 2021.07.02 - Alex - Kodak Ektar 100 -AA032-2.jpg

Your report (photo or video) will take the form of a joyful emotional melting pot where I will take great care to HIGHLIGHT THE UNFORGETTABLE intimate and solemn moments without forgetting to immortalize the vintage dances of your grandparents , the wild steps at 2am, the bad jokes of some and the laughter of others.


But also the tears of emotion, the stress, the waiting, the giggles, and a maximum of different emotions to make a POIGNANT and FAITHFUL film on this day.


I promise you that NO ONE WILL BE FORGOTTEN and that your film will be BEAUTIFUL, SINCERE and MOVING.


To organize your wedding now and to find the best formula that suits you ask me all your questions at: alexandre.bre@pm.me


See you soon!




VIDEO: Your film will have a duration of 5, 30 or 52 minutes adjustable according to the chosen formula and I shoot with several cameras in 4K, Super8 or Mini-DV according to your taste from 1500 €.


PHOTO: with analog film and digital camera from 1200 € + a photo-book



Thank you!

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