My name is Alexandre Bré and I am a French filmmaker and photographer.

My first attraction went toward analogue photography thanks to a classic Pantax PC-50 my father gave me; and as I was looking at the viewfinder I started to imagine stories with the people I had in front of me.

I then studied cinema in Barcelona where I made my first films. HEROINA was my final project and it had been screened in many international films festivals.

Garrel, Fellini, Godard, Antonioni were my best friends and good inspiration.

I founded the film production company Les Films d'Icare to produce my new films projects: The Broc'h Bihan and Icarus has no wings.

I also make video-clips, mostly for fashion, trying to give them a strong visual aspect.

Even if I work a lot making videos, I still love analogue photography. I like to make portraits of people, of cities or landscapes, playing with the lines and the lights.
I try to capture moments of life, with a bit of absurdity and humour; and always from the tenderness.



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