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Alexandre was born in the subburb of Paris in 1988 and has lived mainly in Spain for about ten years. He speaks French, English, Spanish and Catalan. He is a press and fashion photographer.

Alexandre is specialized in covering breaking news, photo documentary and portrait, and his photos have been published in many newspapers. He offers immersive reports in very different environments. His empathy for the subjects he photographs and his ability to integrate himself allow him to create strong relationships to his subjects that open him new windows to tell new stories. "Through my photos I try to capture the fragility that emanates from the faces I see. I like to feel the tension caused by a look; in a way I photograph my relationship to the others."

Alexandre is also a filmmaker. In 2012 He studied cinema at the prestigious Catalan institutions of CECC and ESCAC in Barcelona where he made his first short films including Heroina in 2015 selected at many international festivals and Transmission in 2017 presented at the Center of Contemporary Art in Barcelona.
He now directs music videos for fashion, he is working on the production of his first documentary feature El Broc'h Bihan and his first animated short Veille qui vaille.

In 2022 he followed the training in photojournalism Transmission given by the Studio Hans Lucas which he then joined


Publication press: Arte, El País, La Croix, Le Figaro, Marianne, Challenges, 20 minutes, Mediapart, Valeurs Actuelles, Liberation, L'Obs.

Corporate: International SOS, Swarovski, Infonet, Agence DCM, Marius Oil Maker, Cap Botanica, Policolor Factory, French Tech Barcelona, Pharmanager, Maison Henri Abelé.

Fashion: Clara Daguin, Sonia Carrasco.

Exposition Photo: 

Résidence & exposition collective "Et au milieu coule une rivière", (France) 2022

Exposition collective "Regards Croisés", at Chapelle de St Ivy in Loguivy de la Mer (France). 2020

Exposition collective Losen Art Gallery in Roma (Italiy). 2020
"Après la repette". La Clef à Saint Germain en Laye (France). 2019

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